Tips & Notes

The master

  • In order to avoid any bad surprises, there is some basic rules to follow when you prepare your master disc.
    We advise you to download the specification related to your project on our Download webpage.

  • If you send your disc master by post, it is important that you use the right packaging. We advise you to use a hard cardboard enveloppe.

The designs

  • To make sure to have the best printing quality, it is important to use the right software.
    We advise you to prepare your layout with software such as Adobe InDesign® or Adobe® Illustrator®.
    Adobe® Photoshop® application is for editing and creating photo and image.
    It is not suitable for formatting layouts.

  • Be carefull with the color mode and definition of your workspace.
    It is imperative for it to be in CMYK mode and to have a 300 dpi resolution.
    RVB mode and 72 dpi resolution are only use for screen display.
    RVB colors are not all compatible with CMYK and vice versa.

    Do not trust the range of color displayed on your screen to judge the true color of your design.
    Even when calibrated, a screen don't have the same range of color and brightness rendition that an offset print of your file.
    To verify the range of color and brightness rendition, we recommend you, when possible, to ask for a Cromalin print (colorimetric proof) of your design.

  • Technical sheets and standard layouts are available on our Download webpage.
    If you need more informations, do not hesitate to contact our pre-press department.

  • Always create your layouts in open format. (e.g. a standard booklet folded size is 121 x 120 mm, open size 242 x 120 mm).
    For booklet with 4 pages and more, use our page imposition model in our document "Paper_printing" on our Download webpage.
  • If you had to prepare your designs with Adobe® Photoshop® (advised against), we ask you to provide .psd files unflatted to allow us to make small corrections if needed.

  • If your design contains linked files, do not forget to give them too.

  • The printing files have to be preferably the native files or at least a high quality PDF (300 dpi).
    Using formats as png, jpg or .gif is strongly discouraged.

  • If your design contains text, make sure to vectorize them.
    If it is not, do not forget to join all the font related to your project.

  • To avoid any confusion, we ask you to provide only the final designs, ready for printing.
    If your project includes many files, we ask you to file and name them clearly

Digital proofs

  • We create digital proofs for validation before all productions.
    It is really important for your to carefully verify these digitals.

  • If white lines appear on our PDF digital proofs, you just have to zoom in on the area affected, the lines will disappear.

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