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Authorization to press audio CDs

For the execution of any order containing audio recordings, you are obliged to make a prior request for authorizati on to SUISA (Swiss company for the copyright of musical works). This authorization must be supplied to us by you, for us to be able to start pressing your CD/DVDs.

The basis for the protection of literary and artistic works, of interpreters as well as phonogram and videogram producers is the copyright law (LDA) the revised version of which has been in force since July 1, 1993. This law also defines the activities and obligations of management companies, SUISA among them, thus ensuring the management and observance of the rights of composers, song-writers and music publishers.

Because of this copyright law, any creation that has an individual character is protected and this independently of the fact that it may or may not have been declared to a management company. However, in order to substantiate the date of composition of a work in cases of possible dispute, it is advised to declare new musical works to SUISA as soon as possible. The protection time is 70 years after the death of the author of a musical work.

Since any musical work and any text is the property of its authors, it is necessary to obtain their agreement to publish, copy, execute, broadcast or distribute a work of any type whatsoever. For all of these uses, the author has a right to fees, which SUISA administers as trustee.

SUISA gives information free of charge on the works contained in the catalogue which it manages, applicable prices and those cases where it is not necessary to pay performing rights fees.

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